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Server part of quark framework handling mainly the routing and templating.


  • Routing : Methods, regex parameters, redirect, locale.
  • Templating : Twig (layouts, cache, customs extensions, filters, globals...).
  • Locale : IP address detection (Geocoder with providers chain), fallback to prefered browser locale.
  • User agent : Browser, engine, operating system, device, bot and old browser detection.
  • Manifest : Assets hash, environment.
  • Configuration : Supports PHP, INI, XML, JSON, and YAML file formats.
  • Others : Error handler, function helpers.


Get Composer and run :

composer require fm_ph/quark

Note : You need at least PHP 7.x (CLI) installed on your machine to use this package (verify it with php -v).

For OS X users, you can easily update it on



Get an Application singleton instance and render matched route template.


define('BASE_PATH', __DIR__);

// Require Composer autoloader
require BASE_PATH . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Get Application instance and init
$app = Quark\Application::getInstance();

// Render
echo $app->render();

Custom configuration

Init Application with custom configuration.


// ...

// Custom configuration
$config = [
  'locale' => [
    'code' => 'fr',
    'redirectIfOne' => true

// Get Application instance
$app = Quark\Application::getInstance();

// Init with custom configuration array


All configuration properties that can be passed to init() method on an Application instance.

Old browser

Property Type Description Default
old_browser array List of old browsers. See Config.php


Property Type Description Default
locale.code string Locale code fallback. en string Locale country fallback.
locale.redirectIfOne boolean Router redirect to include locale in URL if only one is found. false


Property Type Description Default
paths.locales string Path to locale files. locale variable is replaced with the current locale. locales/{{locale}}.yml
paths.routes string Route file path. routes.yml
paths.manifest string Manifest file path. manifest.json


Property Type Description Default
twig.layouts array Twig layouts name. See below
twig.layouts.default string Twig default layout name to be rendered. default
twig.layouts.old_browser string Twig old browser layout name. old
twig.extension string Twig template file extension. .twig
twig.cache string Twig cache path. cache
twig.extraData any Twig extra data merged with template data. []
twig.paths.views string Views folder path. views
twig.paths.layouts string Layouts folder path. views/layouts
twig.paths.pages string Pages folder path. views/pages
twig.paths.components string Components folder path. views/components
twig.extensions array Twig extensions (manifest and html compress extensions are activated by default). []
twig.filters array Twig filters. []
twig.globals array Twig globals. []
twig.functions array Twig functions []
twig.tests array Twig tests. []




Install PHPUnit globally :

composer global require phpunit/phpunit

And run the tests with :



MIT License © Patrick Heng Fabien Motte