Integration of prunner (an embedded pipeline task runner) in Neos

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1.1.2 2024-02-09 23:46 UTC


An embeddable task / pipeline runner for Neos and Flow.

For a full introduction, see the README of the prunner repo.



A single process, written in go, that provides the REST API, pipeline runner and persistence. It needs to be started in the background for integration into other applications.


A minimalistic React UI to start and view pipelines, jobs and task details.

Flowpack.Prunner (this repository)

A Neos/Flow PHP package providing a backend module for the current pipeline state, and a PHP API.


composer require flowpack/prunner

Now, start up prunner via the following command:

prunner/prunner --path Packages --data Data/Persistent/prunner

This will parse all packages for pipelines.yml files.

Overriding the Prunner Version

By default, the prunner version configured in Flowpack\Prunner\Composer\InstallerScripts::DEFAULT_VERSION_TO_INSTALL will be downloaded. However, it is possible to override this via extra.prunner-version in the root composer.json:

  "extra": {
    "prunner-version": "0.4.0"

Skip the Prunner binary download

In case you want to install Prunner manually, you can skip the download of the Prunner entirely by setting extra.prunner-version in the root composer.json to "skip-download".

  "extra": {
    "prunner-version": "skip-download"

Building the UI package

In prunner-ui, run yarn build for the production build.

Then, copy the index.js and index.css files to this package:

export PRUNNERUI=/path/to/prunner-ui
cp $PRUNNERUI/build/dist/index.js* Resources/Public/prunner-ui/
cp $PRUNNERUI/build/index.css Resources/Public/prunner-ui/index.css