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Fliglio\Borg is an implementation of goroutines (made popular by golang) to provide a distributed parallel concurrency framework for PHP.

If you're a member of the Borg Collective, you don't do anything by yourself. You don't make decisions by yourself, you don't solve problems by yourself, and you certainly don't do work by yourself - you distribute the load across the collective!

And now you can too.

TODO / Caveats


  • support sending null to Chans and Collective Routines
    • make match typical php behavior (see here)
  • add sync concept
    • have collective routine dispatch return an exit Chan
    • each collective routine sends null of an exception on this Chan
    • the main process calls sync passing in an array of exit chans; this blocks until all have returned a value. If the value is an exception, it will be rethrown.


  • Collective Routines must be exact types. You can't hint your method with an interface and pass in an implementation (the hint is used to unmarshal the argument.)
  • Only Collective Routines are multi-datacenter aware. Chans can only be used in your local datacenter.
  • Though Chan ordering is always guaranteed, ChanReader introduces some weirdness where messages published to different Chans might be read out of order (see below)
  • Chan::get is implemented by polling basic_get. It would be nice to iteratively use basic_consume


There is a race condition with ChanReaders where order between channels can't be guaranteed. In the following example, even though $ex is added to after all numbers have been added to $ch, The $ex value might arraive in the ChanReader first. In this situation, consider sending a null to $ch to signal that the work is done.

public function generateNumbers(GetParam $limit) {
	$ch = $this->mkChan();
	$ex = $this->mkChan();

	$this->coll()->gen($ch, $ex, $limit->get());
	$nums = [];

	$r = $this->coll()->mkChanReader([$ch, $ex]);
	while (true) {
		list($id, $val) = $r->get();
		switch ($id) {
		case $ch->getId():
			$nums[] = $val;
		case $ex->getId():
			return $nums;
public function gen(Chan $ch, Chan $ex, $limit) {
	for ($i = 0; $i <= $limit; $i++) {

	// sleep for a second to avoid the possibility that the $ex value is read before $ch's last value

local shakespeare

$this->urlsd = [
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-alls-11.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-antony-23.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-as-12.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-comedy-7.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-coriolanus-24.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-cymbeline-17.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-first-51.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-hamlet-25.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-julius-26.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-king-45.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-life-54.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-life-55.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-life-56.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-lovers-62.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-loves-8.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-macbeth-46.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-measure-13.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-merchant-5.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-merry-15.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-midsummer-16.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-much-3.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-othello-47.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-pericles-21.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-rape-61.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-romeo-48.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-second-52.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-sonnets-59.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-taming-2.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-tempest-4.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-third-53.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-timon-49.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-titus-50.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-tragedy-57.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-tragedy-58.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-troilus-22.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-twelfth-20.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-two-18.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-venus-60.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/shakespeare-winters-19.txt',
	__DIR__ . '/../../../../shakespeare-txt/sonnets.txt',