Seed test data for Flamarkt.

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Last update: 2024-06-26 20:10:07 UTC


Test Data

Seeds test data in Flamarkt.

Optionally integrates with the following extensions if they are enabled:

  • Flamarkt Identity
  • Flamarkt Balance
  • Flamarkt Categories
  • Flamarkt Taxonomies
  • Flamarkt Library
  • Flamarkt Product Slugs
  • Flamarkt Final Quantities


php flarum flamarkt:seed

--reset will truncate all Flamarkt related tables including users.

The min/max options for Terms apply for each of the Taxonomies selected through min/max option for Taxonomies.

All parameters are optional. The default values are shown in the command. Use 0 as count or max to disable seeding a particular item.


Events are available to extend the seeding process. See src/Events.

Compatibility with Fake Data

This extension can be used alongside Fake Data without any issue. But the two extensions don't integrate with each other.

Both extensions provide user seeds. If you have already seeded users with Fake data, consider using --user-count=0 in this extension to prevent conflicts with unique email addresses.

Users seeded by Fake Data won't have Flamarkt Identity/Balance seeded. But users seeded by Fake Data can be picked as order owners.