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Adds direct links to various Flarum actions

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This extension adds direct links to various Flarum actions:

  • /login will redirect to homepage and open the Log In modal
  • /signup will redirect to homepage and open the Sign Up modal
  • /composer will redirect to homepage and open the new discussion composer box

Additionally, you can pass ?title=, ?content= and ?tag=slug parameters to /composer to define the default values in the editor. Useful for share features or bookmarklets.

If you hit /composer while logged out, you will be prompted for login. If the user does anything else than log in (close the modal or register) it's possible the values in the url get lost. The user will have to load the original /composer url again to get those values back.


Use Bazaar or install manually:

composer require flagrow/direct-links


composer update flagrow/direct-links
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear

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If you discover a security vulnerability within Direct Links, please send an email to the Gravure team at security@gravure.io. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

Please include as many details as possible. You can use php flarum info to get the PHP, Flarum and extension versions installed.


An extension by Flagrow, a project of Gravure.