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0.5 2022-08-05 01:43 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-05 06:55:18 UTC


This module is to import Have I Been Pwned JSON lists for a specific domain.

The module can be installed as a bare minimum system, and should not be included in another system.

This module has no frontend.


composer create-project firesphere/hibp


Download the JSON files from Have I Been Pwned and put them in the folder named datafiles in the document root of your website.

It needs to be a json file, and need to be named as such. E.g. mydomain.json.

Run the task /dev/tasks/ImportHIBP

Then, log in to the backend system, and you can search and filter easily through the "Breaches" system.


In the Settings part of the backend, you can enable and configure automated emails to the people found in a recent breach.

Note, Pastes aren't yet automatically able to email.