Firefly III YNAB importer tool.


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Firefly III

Firefly III You Need A Budget Importer


This is a tool to import from You Need A Budget (YNAB) into Firefly III. It works by using your YNAB API token and a Firefly III personal access token to access your Firefly III installation's API.

If you have questions or comments, please open a ticket in the main Firefly III repository.


Use this tool to (automatically) import your YNAB transactions into Firefly III. If you're a bit of a developer, feel free to use this code to generate your own import tool.


  • This tool will let you download or generate a configuration file, so the next import will go faster.

Who's it for?

Anybody who uses Firefly III and wants to automatically import YNAB transactions.


You can use this tool in several ways.

  1. Install it on your server using composer.
  2. Use the Docker image.

Generally speaking, it's easiest to use and install this tool the same way as you use Firefly III. And although it features an excellent web-interface, you can also use the command line to import your data.


There are upgrade instructions for boths methods of installation.


The full usage instructions can be found in the documentation. Basically, this is the workflow.

  1. Set up and configure your tokens.
  2. Upload your configuration file (optional).
  3. Configure the import.
  4. Map values from YNAB to existing values in your database.
  5. Enjoy the result in Firefly III.

Known issues and problems

Most people run into the same problems when importing data into Firefly III. Read more about those on the following pages:

  1. Issues with your Personal Access Token
  2. Often seen errors and issues.
  3. Frequently asked questions.

Other stuff


Your help is always welcome! Feel free to open issues, ask questions, talk about it and discuss this tool. You can also join reddit or follow me on Twitter.

Of course, there are some contributing guidelines and a code of conduct, which I invite you to check out.

For all other contributions, see below.


The Firefly III YNAB Importer uses SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


This work is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.


You can contact me at, you may open an issue or contact me through the various social media pages there are: reddit and Twitter.


If you like this tool and if it helps you save lots of money, why not send me a dime for every dollar saved!

OK that was a joke. You can donate using PayPal or Patreon. I am also very proud to be a part of the GitHub Sponsors Program.

Thank you for considering donating to Firefly III, and the YNAB Importer.

Scrutinizer Requires PHP7.3