Symfony bundle for FileJet PHP library

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v2.6.1 2020-02-26 10:39 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-26 11:10:46 UTC


Provides seamless integration of FileJet service with your Symfony based project.

For plain PHP library and FileJet documentation visit filejet/filejet-php repository.


You can install FileJet bundle easily via Composer:

composer require filejet/filejet-bundle ^2.3

We recommend to install following pachages before installing FileJet bundle if you don't already have installed any HTTPlug compatible packages:

composer require php-http/guzzle6-adapter ^1.1
composer require php-http/message ^1.6

After installation register the bundle with Symfony's bundles system.

Upgrading the bundle

We recommend upgrade the bundle with --with-dependencies option:

composer update filejet/filejet-bundle --with-dependencies


You need to provide API key and Storage ID within your config file:

    storage_id: <your storage id>
    api_key: <your api key>
    signature_secret: <your signature secret> # optional - needed for usage with external files
    auto_mode: true/false # defaults to true
    custom_domain: <your custom domain> # optional, without scheme, e.g.

More about Auto optimization mode.


Bundle provides a Twig extension for generating the public and private (signed) URLs of your files.

file_url(publicFile, 'resize_100_100')
external_file_url(publiclyAccessibleImageUrl, 'resize_100_100')
private_file_url(privateFileIdentifier, expiresInSeconds)

file_url accepts object which needs to implement FileJet\FileInterface interface. As second argument you can optionally provide mutation string (if you want to generate URL of image) - see mutations documentation

external_file_url accepts URL of publicly accessible image as first argument and mutation as second one.

private_file_url accepts file identifier string as first argument and number of seconds the signed URL will be valid. The function internaly contacts FileJet API and returns signed URL for private files. This function can be used for files with sensitive information because the file is not publicly accessible the download link is valid only for the selected time period and then it expires. Each call of this function is contacting FileJet API hence the function cam be quite costly.

Bundle also provides @FileJet\FileJet service which is automatically wired to the Symfony's container. The documentation can be found at filejet/filejet-php.