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As-of 2021, this product does not have a free support team anymore. If you want this product to be maintained, please support my work.


(This product is available under a free and permissive license, but needs financial support to sustain its continued improvements. In addition to maintenance and stability there are many desirable features yet to be added.)


CsvHandler for Monolog - Logging for PHP Build Status

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CsvHandler for Monolog sends your logs to CSV files. For more information on Monolog, see http://github.com/Seldaek/monolog


Install the latest version with

$ composer require femtopixel/monolog-csvhandler

Basic Usage


use Monolog\Logger;
use FemtoPixel\Monolog\Handler\CsvHandler;

// create a log channel
$log = new Logger('name');
$log->pushHandler(new CsvHandler('path/to/your.csv', Logger::WARNING));

// add records to the log



  • Monolog works with PHP 5.3 or above, and is also tested to work with HHVM.

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub


Jay MOULIN See also the list of contributors which participated in this handler.


Monolog is licensed under the MIT License and so for this CsvHandler - see the LICENSE file for details