This TYPO3 CMS extension improves your frontend performance. Adds JavaScript minification for files and inline JS. Comes with some useful tweaks to improve asset rendering.

2.1.0 2022-10-14 13:10 UTC

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Last update: 2023-05-05 10:06:37 UTC


This TYPO3 CMS extension improves your frontend performance. Adds HTML and JavaScript minification. Comes with some useful tweaks to improve asset rendering.

Supports JS added by TypoScript, PageRenderer or AssetCollector.


  • JS added by TypoScript or PageRenderer

    • Minification of JS (files and inline)
    • Exclude per page inline JS from concatenation
    • Move default JS to footer
  • JS added by AssetCollector (BETA!)

    • Enable minify and gzip for JS files
  • Minify all generated HTML

What it does

TYPO3 does gzip compression but no minification of JS files. This extension adds JavaScript minification to files and inline scripts by using the jsCompressHandler hook and BeforeJavaScriptsRenderingEvent event. Usage: config.compressJs needs to be enabled, gzip compression works as before.

When using config.removeDefaultJS = external TYPO3 generates temp JavaScript files with all per page inline JS and some default JS. This way users need to download code from static files multiple times, just because its merged with per page inline JS. You could exclude these files from concatenation with static files (includeJS and includeJSFooter) by enabling excludeInlineJsFromConcatenation option in extension manager.

When using includeJSFooter to add JS files it's a little annoying the only remaining JS file in header is the default one. You could use option moveInlineJsToFooter in EM to move the file to the footer section.

JavaScript minifiers

Choose the one best fitting for your needs. Configure this in the EM.

JSMin+ Widely used JS compressor. A PHP port of Brendan Eich's Narcissus original implementation. http://crisp.tweakblogs.net/blog/6861/jsmin%2B-version-14.html

JavaScriptMinifier Used by the Wikimedia Foundation for different projects incl. Wikipedia. Considered the most robust, stable and fastest one. Under active development. https://github.com/wikimedia/mediawiki/blob/REL1_35/includes/libs/JavaScriptMinifier.php


Version 2.0.0

Use "Flush TYPO3 and PHP Cache" in the "Admin Tools -> Maintenance" BE module.`

Version 1.0.0

Use "Clear all caches including PHP opcode cache" and "Dump Autoload Information" in the install tool (if needed for your setup).

Please update the minifier configuration in the Extension Manager as the class names have changed.


Feel free to add bug reports via GitHub issues or send PRs.