Allows you to check if .css files follow general rules and convention or fix them

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1.0.1 2014-09-21 13:55 UTC

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Last update: 2020-04-28 08:59:54 UTC



This bundle wraps csscombjs and adds a CSS code style validation to your project


The npm executable must be available in PATH


####1) Add a dependency to your composer.json file:

    "require-dev": {
        "fdevs/css-fixer-bundle": "~1.0"

You need this bundle only for development, so use require-dev section of the composer.json file.

####2) Install the package to your project via composer:

composer update fdevs/css-fixer-bundle

####3) Add the bundle to your AppKernel.php file:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    // ...
    if (in_array($this->getEnvironment(), array('dev', 'test'))) {
        $bundles[] = new FDevs\CssFixerBundle\FDevsCssFixerBundle();
        // ...
    // ...

As before, register this bundle in the dev environment only, so it won't consume memory in the prod environment.

Here FDevsCssFixerBundle is ready to use. Its default configuration allows it to check all your bundles, that are living inside src folder.

###Examples of usage

Validation of .css files

This bundle has console command:

app/console fdevs:cs:css-fixer

or its alias:

app/console code-style:css-fixer

By default it works in lint mode, just shows files that aren't following code style conventions.

You can use next options:

--fix (-f) # force css fixer to fix files, not just show mistakes
--verbose (-v) # show additional messages and list of checked files and fixed ones

How to see all configuration options and their default values

To see all available options and examples of values, you can use a standard console command:

app/console config:dump-reference f_devs_css_fixer

It will show you all necessary information to quickly anderstand and customize the bundle to your needs.

Customizing bundle to own needs and code style conventions

The bundle has 3 main sections in its configuration:

  • include - here you can add bundles you want to check .css files in.
  • exclude - here you can add list of bundles you don't want to check.
  • rules - here you can set up each of more than 20 options available for csscomb fixer.

Example of configuration

        - FDevsFirstBundle
        - FDevsSecondBundle
        - AcmeDemoBundle
        space_before_opening_brace: 1
        space_before_closing_brace: "\n"
    # other rules you want to change

Priority for bundles is next (from the lowest):

  • all your bundles (if neither include nor exclue provided, then all your bundles will be checked)
  • include (will replace all if provided)
  • exclude (will remove bundles both from all or include)