Simple wrapper around a bounce of tools intended to be installed on a web server vhost for administrative purposes

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A simple wrapper around a bounce of tools.

Intended to be installed on a web server vhost for administrative purposes. Works as a glue around every-day-use tools.

What's it?

This project will install and made available at a glance a number of open source tools that every sysadmin would like to have on his PHP-based web server:

  • phpinfo()

    Access the output of the PHP built-in phpinfo() function

  • Adminer

    A fully featured Database management in a single PHP file supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch

  • phperror-gui

    A clean and effective single-file GUI for viewing entries in the PHP error log, allowing for filtering by path and by type.


  • opcache-gui

    A clean and responsive interface for Zend OPcache information, showing statistics, settings and cached files, and providing a real-time update for the information (using jQuery and React).


  • PHPRedMin

    A simple web interface to manage and monitor Redis.


Using composer

  • download the project into your vhost root directory (not the document root, it has to be set to web)

    composer create-project faktiva/php-admin-tk /var/www/your-admin-vhost
  • cd inside the project root

    cd /var/www/your-admin-vhost
  • run composer install

    composer install --no-dev

Enjoy ;)