The project which imports the data generated by the export into the database.


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API Import

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This project imports the data generated by the export into the database of the API server.


The project provides the following commands to actually import the data:

  • bin/cli.php process: Requests an export from the queue and processing it. This is the main command to be put in a crontab to have the exports imported into the database automatically, and it will call the other commands to do so.
  • bin/cli.php import <combination-id>: Imports the main data of the combination into the database, including items, recipes and machines.
  • bin/cli.php import-images <combination-id>: Import all the image files into the database. This requires that the database entities have already been created in the database, only the content column is updated.
  • bin/cli.php import-translations <combination-id>: Imports all the translations of the combination into the database. Already existing translations will be cleaned up.