The API client of the Factorio Item Browser.

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Factorio Item Browser

API Client Library

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This library implements a PHP client to the data API of the Factorio Item Browser to access its data.

The documentation of the API can be found at


The client is set up to be used within a Laminas project. Using it in another context requires an additional setup which is not covered in this README.

To use the client, add the FactorioItemBrowser\Api\Client\ConfigProvider to the config aggregator of your project.


The client requires the following configuration to be present in your project:


use FactorioItemBrowser\Api\Client\Constant\ConfigKey;

return [
    ConfigKey::MAIN => [
        // The URL to the API server, including a trailing slash.
        ConfigKey::BASE_URI => '',
        // The Api-Key to access the API.
        ConfigKey::API_KEY => 'foo',
        // The timeout in seconds to use for the requests.
        ConfigKey::TIMEOUT => 10,


The usage of the actual client is best described with an example.


use FactorioItemBrowser\Api\Client\ClientInterface;
use FactorioItemBrowser\Api\Client\Request\Item\ItemRandomRequest;
use FactorioItemBrowser\Api\Client\Request\Mod\ModListRequest;
use FactorioItemBrowser\Api\Client\Response\Item\ItemRandomResponse;
use FactorioItemBrowser\Api\Client\Response\Mod\ModListResponse;
/* @var \Psr\Container\ContainerInterface $container */

// Fetch the API client from the container. This will use the config to initialize it.
/* @var ClientInterface $client */
$client = $container->get(ClientInterface::class);

// Create an instance of the request class you want to call, and set its parameters.
$randomItemRequest = new ItemRandomRequest();
$randomItemRequest->combinationId = '2f4a45fa-a509-a9d1-aae6-ffcf984a7a76';
$randomItemRequest->locale = 'de';
$randomItemRequest->numberOfResults = 10;
$randomItemRequest->numberOfRecipesPerResult = 3;

// Send the request to the API server.
// This call is non-blocking, returning a Promise. For further details about promises, read the documentation of
// the Guzzle HTTP client.
$randomItemPromise = $client->sendRequest($randomItemRequest); // Non-blocking

// Lets send a second request.
$modListRequest = new ModListRequest();
$modListRequest->combinationId = '2f4a45fa-a509-a9d1-aae6-ffcf984a7a76';
$modListRequest->locale = 'de';
$modListPromise = $client->sendRequest($modListRequest); // Non-blocking

// To actually process the response, you have to wait on the promises to be fulfilled.
/* @var  ItemRandomResponse $randomItemsResponse */
$randomItemsResponse = $randomItemPromise->wait(); // Blocking 
/* @var ModListResponse $modListResponse */
$modListResponse = $modListPromise->wait(); // Blocking

// Do something with the received data.