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EXT:contacts is a TYPO3 extension for handling contacts (companies, persons).

1. Features

  • Persons and companies can be related to each other.
  • Both can have multiple addresses and other contact data.
  • Addresses can hold geolocation data to display them in maps.

2. Installation / Upgrade

2.1 Installation

Installation using Composer

The recommended way to install the extension is by using Composer. In your Composer based TYPO3 project root, just do composer require extcode/contacts.

Installation as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Download and install the extension with the extension manager module.

3. Administration

3.1 Compatibility and supported Versions

Contacts TYPO3 PHP Support/Development
3.x.x 9.x 7.2 Features, Bugfixes, Security Updates
2.x.x 8.7 7.0 - 7.2 Features (in certain circumstances with feature toogle), Bugfixes, Security Updates
1.x.x 7.6 5.6 - 7.1 Bugfixes, Security Updates

3.2. Changelog

Please have a look into the official extension documentation in changelog chapter

3.3. Release Management

News uses semantic versioning which basically means for you, that

  • bugfix updates (e.g. 1.0.0 => 1.0.1) just includes small bugfixes or security relevant stuff without breaking changes.
  • minor updates (e.g. 1.0.0 => 1.1.0) includes new features and smaller tasks without breaking changes.
  • major updates (e.g. 1.0.0 => 2.0.0) breaking changes wich can be refactorings, features or bugfixes.

4. Sponsoring