PHP Cody for InspectIO

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Last update: 2021-09-27 11:02:57 UTC


This is the repository of the Cody server. InspectIO can connect to a coding bot called Cody. With its help you can generate working code from an event map.

Cody server runs at http://localhost:3311


Please make sure you have installed Docker and Docker Compose.

An example usage / implementation of this library exists for Event Engine.

It is recommended to create a new application for code generation which installs this library via Composer. This allows independence of your application code and avoids running in Composer dependency conflicts.

$ composer require event-engine/php-inspectio-cody


The following commands copies the necessary files from this library to the root of your application folder.

cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/public .
cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/.env.dist ./.env
cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/.env.dist .
cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/app.env.dist ./app.env
cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/app.env.dist .
cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/codyconfig.php .
cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/docker-compose.yml .
cp vendor/event-engine/php-inspectio-cody/php-watcher.yml.dist .

To mount our business application folder to the Cody server you have to update the docker-compose.yml file. Please take a look at the Cody for more details.

Start Cody Server

To start the Cody server execute the following command. You should be able to connect from InspectIO to the Cody server via the URL http://localhost:3311.

$ docker-compose up -d --no-recreate