PHP Graph Cody for InspectIO

dev-master 2021-02-19 09:36 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-07 10:41:33 UTC


Implementation of the InspectIO Graph specification for Cody Bot to generate PHP code based on the InspectIO Event Map.


$ composer require event-engine/php-inspectio-graph-cody


See unit tests in tests folder for comprehensive examples and how a Cody JSON looks like.

The following example gives a quick overview how to retrieve information from the EventSourcingAnalyzer.


use EventEngine\InspectioGraphCody\EventSourcingAnalyzer;
use EventEngine\InspectioGraphCody\JsonNode;

// assume $json is a JSON string in Cody format
// assume $filter is a callable to filter names / labels

// create a node instance from json
$node = JsonNode::fromJson($json);

// analyze the given Cody node 
$eventSourcingAnalyzer = new EventSourcingAnalyzer($node, $filter);

// get a list of all commands
$commands = $eventSourcingAnalyzer->commandMap();

// get a list of all domain events
$events = $eventSourcingAnalyzer->eventMap();

// get a list of all aggregates
$aggregates = $eventSourcingAnalyzer->aggregateMap();

foreach ($aggregates as $aggregate) {
    // returns the aggregate

    // returns the corresponding commands for this aggregate

    // returns the corresponding domain events for this aggregate

    // returns commands with corresponding domain event(s) (the connection between command -> domain event(s))