This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Provides implementations to interact with various document storage services

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Provides implementations to interact with various cloud storage services.

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composer require ets/document-storage

Storage adapters

All storage adapters implement the ETS\DocumentStorage\Storage interface:

  • ETS\DocumentStorage\Adapter\Storage\Composite
  • ETS\DocumentStorage\Adapter\Storage\EchoSign
  • ETS\DocumentStorage\Adapter\Storage\Filesystem
  • ETS\DocumentStorage\Adapter\Storage\S3

To store a document:

$docUrl = $storage->store('body of a doc', 'docName');

The method returns the document's url.

To get the document's url

$docUrl = $storage->getUrl('docName');

If the document doesn't exist, it will throw a ETS\DocumentStorage\Exception\DocumentNotFoundException

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