A Laravel package to administer and display a multi-lingual CV

v0.2.0-beta.12 2018-08-21 08:28 UTC


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This is a Laravel package which allows you to maintain and display an online CV in multiple languages.


This package uses Laravel's standard Auth so if you do not have this you should add it before using this.

Via Composer

$ composer require escuccim/resume

Add the service provider to config/app.php


Register the middleware in app/Http\Kernel.php

'admin' => \Escuccim\Resume\Http\Middleware\AdminMiddleware::class,

Run the database migrations:

php artisan migrate

Publish the files if you so desire:

php artisan vendor:publish

There are different publishable groups of files:

  • config - published the config file to config/cv.php. This file contains only one value which is an array containing the languages available, currently english and french. If you want to add other languages publish this and add them there.
  • views - publishes my views to /resources/views/vendor/escuccim.

If you wish to use the WYSIQYG HTML editor you will need to add the following to the layouts/app.blade.php file, and remove the script tag referencing app.js from the bottom:

<script src="/js/app.js"></script>

If you do not wish to use the WYSIWYG editor you can leave the layout file unchanged.


The URI to CV administration is /cvadmin The URI to education administration is /education.

You should add a route to point to the CV display in your own routes/web.php as follows:

Route::get('[URI]', '\Escuccim\Resume\Http\Controllers\JobsController@cv');

Or if you prefer to design your own views you can publish mine and adjust them accordingly.

The CV display for normal, displays the work history followed by education, and then if you wish to append anything else you can do so by creating the following file: /resources/views/cv/cv_extras.blade.php

The CV display will include this view if it exists.

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


$ composer test


Please see CONTRIBUTING and CONDUCT for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.