Posty is a simple way to manage your blog articles from the comfort of your computer with a simple to use CLI.





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Posty is a simple way to manage your articles with a simple to use command line tool.


composer global require erth0/posty

From the project where you would like to add the blog posts you need to require the posty-laravel-client:

composer require erth0/posty-laravel-client

After finishing with the installation of posty-laravel-client you need to generate the api key which will be used by the cli.

php artisan posty:generate

This will generate the api key which you need to copy and save it for later use and you need to add the POSTY_HASHED_API_KEY env in your project environment. This will be used to connect the posty cli with your project.

Next you need to create a folder in your local machine and cd in the folder then you need to run the posty link command so you can link the website you would like to manage the articles. You will be promted to enter few details such as:

  • Project Name (required)
  • API Endpoint (required)
  • API Endpoint Prefix (optional)
  • API Key (required)

After all the configurations have been set you will get a success message and this folder is linked with the above project. To make sure the folder was linked successfully with the project you can test it with posty test command

Available Commands

  • posty link (This will link the folder you are in with the desired project)
  • posty unlink (This will unlink the folder you are in with the linked project)
  • posty update (This will update project configurations)
  • posty projects (This will list all the linked folders with projects)
  • posty test (This will test the connection between cli and the client)
  • posty topics:list (This will list all the topics)
  • posty topic:create (This will create a new topic)
  • posty topic:update (This will update topic)
  • posty topic:delete (This will delete topic)
  • posty tags:list (This will list all the tags)
  • posty tag:create (This will create a new tag)
  • posty tag:update (This will update tag)
  • posty tag:delete (This will delete tag)
  • posty create (This will create a new draft article)
  • posty update (This will update the article)
  • posty delete (This will delete the article)
  • posty sync (This will synchronize all the articles within the linked project)


  • Additional browser support

  • Add more integrations

Running Tests

To run tests, run the following command






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MIT License