This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A wrapper library that allows you to send requests to Steam Web API implemented in PHP language

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1.0.0 2014-10-29 19:13 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-20 10:24:32 UTC


A wrapper library that allows you to send requests to Steam Web API implemented in PHP Laravel Framework.

This library simply takes arguments from method call and uses GuzzleHttp to send request Steam Web API and returns the response as expected.

It requires minimum PHP 5.4 version.


You can easily install this package via Composer:

  • Add "epigra/steam-web-api": "1.0.0" to your composer.json file.
   "require": {
		"epigra/steam-web-api": "1.0.0"
  • Type composer update on Terminal

  • Ready to use!

## Usage

  • Add the following namespace to your file
 use Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\AbstractSteamAPI;
  • Then, you need to initialize client with your Steam Web API credentials
 AbstractSteamAPI::init('http://api.steampowered.com', 'YOUR_API_KEY', 'YOUR_RESPONSE_FORMAT');

Note : Response format can be either json or xml.

  • Once you initialize, select your API module and then call the appropriate method.

Let say we would like to get player items, then following code block will be fine for that purpose

  $appID = ApplicationIDs::TeamFortress2;
  $steamID = 76561197962033671;
  $response = IEconItemsAPI::getPlayerItems($appID, $steamID);

More Info About Library

  • As you may know, there are some modules of Steam Web API. These are all available in this library.

Here is the list of class names and their namespaces that you can use.

 ISteamApps => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\ISteamApps'
 ISteamEconomy => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\ISteamEconomy' 
 ISteamNews => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\ISteamNews'
 ISteamRemoteStorage => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\ISteamRemoteStorage'
 ISteamUser => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\ISteamUser'
 ISteamUserStats => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\ISteamUserStats'
 IPlayerService => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\IPlayerService'
 ISteamWebAPIUtil => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\ISteamWebAPIUtil'
 IEconItems => 'Epigra\SteamWebApi\Api\IEconItems'
  • On the other hand, some of API calls require application ids. You can use Steam Application IDs via ApplicationIDs class under Epigra\SteamWebApi\Constants namespace.

List of applications and their ids provided by the library:

  CounterStrikeBeta = 260; 
  CounterStrikeGlobalOffensiveBeta = 710;
  TeamFortress2 = 440;
  TeamFortress2PublicBeta = 520;
  Dota2 = 570;
  Dota2InternalTest = 620;
  Dota2Beta = 205790;
  Portal2 = 620;
  Portal2Beta = 841;

e.g. You can easily get TeamFortress2 ID like following

  • This library is well documented and can be reached from docs/ directory.

  • For more information Visit Steam Page.


 Copyright 2014 Epigra

 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 You may obtain a copy of the License at


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