A skeleton of a Slim application (with extras) for SunshinePHP 2017

0.3 2017-02-04 13:40 UTC

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Last update: 2022-08-15 06:28:25 UTC


This repository is a compliment to the "Build Security In" session presented at the Sunshine PHP Conference 2017



This application makes use of a database connection for some things. The use the settings:

username: sunphp
password: subphp17
database name: sunphp
host: localhost

Create the project

composer create-project enygma/sunphp17

Create the MySQL database

By default this application uses a MySQL database but that can be changed if desired with some config updates. First, though, you'll need to make your DB:

mysqladmin create sunphp17
mysql -p mysql
> grant all on sunphp.* to 'sunphp'@'localhost' identified by 'sunphp17';
> flush privileges;
> quit;

Run the setup script

The setup script will perform a few actions and ask a few questions. Be sure that when it asks about the database information you use the connection information above.


Finished Product

Once the setup has completed and the migrations have run you should have a database with two users: user1 and user2. These users will have the password "test123".