Bulletins is a simple weekly retrospective tool for multiple projects or teams


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What is it

Bulletins is a weekly retrospective tool for multiple projects or teams. It lets people reflect on their past week with 4 questions which can be answered super quickly:

  • What's the team mood?
  • What were the main goals this week?
  • What worked great and what was harder?
  • Do we need help?

It's asynchronous and transparent at its heart. All teams can fill their retrospective when they want through a simple web interface, as long as it's before Friday 3 PM. On Fridays at 3 PM, everyone gets a weekly recap email with all filled retrospectives. The web interface lets everyone browse through previous retrospectives by week or by team.


The documentation can be seen online at bulletins.eig-forever.org.


GNU Affero General Public License. Please see the license file for more information.

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