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Basebox installer.

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This is an old repository that is no longer used or maintained. We advice to no longer use this repository.

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Basebox-installer is a little tool that helps you setting up an Enrise Basebox for a new project.


The basebox-installer can be added as a composer package by running:

composer global require "enrise/basebox-installer=~1"

Make sure to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory in your PATH so the basebox executable is found when you run the basebox command in your terminal.


If the Symfony 2 Console Component so the flags and options can be specified in the various formats outlined in the SF2 Console Component documentation.

The following options and flags are available:

Option/flag Description Default
--webserver Which webserver do you want (nginx, apache)? nginx
--edition Which stack do you want (vanilla, zendserver)? zendserver
--zs-version Which version of ZendServer do you want to use None
--php-version Which version of PHP do you want to use None
--nginx-mainline Use the NGINX Mainline or stable release false
--domain Create a domain with the following name None
--database Create a database with the following name None
--up Run "vagrant up" after installing the basebox -

For instance, if you want to spin up an environment with PHP7, a database and NGINX you can execute the following from the root of your project:

basebox new  --webserver nginx --edition vanilla --domain test-dev.local --database test_dev --php-version=7.0

Bugs, questions, and improvements

If you found a bug or have a question, please open an issue on the GitHub Issue tracker. Improvements can be sent by a Pull Request against the develop branch and are greatly appreciated!