Send and receive SMS using SmsDev.com.br

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Send and receive SMS using SmsDev.com.br


Require this package with Composer in the root directory of your project.

composer require enricodias/smsdev


Create a new instance with your API key:

$SmsDev = new \enricodias\SmsDev('API_KEY');

If the API key is not provided, the library will look for the environment variable SMSDEV_API_KEY

Set any date format to be used in all date methods:

$SmsDev->setDateFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s'); // default is 'U', timestamp

Sending an SMS message

$SmsDev->send(5511988881111, 'SMS Message'); // returns true if the API accepts the message

var_dump($SmsDev->getResult()); // Returns the raw API response.

The country code optional. The default is 55 (Brazil).

Phone number validation

If you have the package giggsey/libphonenumber-for-php installed, it will be used to validate numbers locally. You can disable this feature with the method setNumberValidation before sending:

$SmsDev->setNumberValidation(false); // disables phone number validation

Note that SmsDev will charge you for messages sent to invalid numbers.

Receiving SMS messages

Get unread messages in a specific date interval:


            ->dateBetween('2018-01-19', '2019-01-19')

Search for a specific message id:


Parsing the response

After fetching the messages you can either access the raw API response using getResult() or use the function parsedMessages() to get a simplified array:

$SmsDev->setDateFormat('U'); // timestamp

$messages = $SmsDev->parsedMessages();


array(1) {
    ['date']    => '1529418914'
    ['number']  => '5511988887777'
    ['message'] => 'Message'

Dates are converted to the format specified in setDateFormat().

Date filters

The following filters are equivalent:

            ->dateBetween('2018-01-19', '2019-01-19')

            ->dateBetween('2018-01-19', '')

            ->dateBetween('', '2019-01-19')


Timezone problems

The API uses the timezone America/Sao_Paulo. Using another timezone in your application will force you to convert dates locally in order to get correct values.

Ex: if you are using UTC-4 and receive a new message, it will look like the message came from the future because America/Sao_Paulo is UTC-3.

This class solves this problem by automatically correcting dates both in search filters and in parsed messages. Only the dates in raw API responses are not converted.


  • Check the status of sent messages.
  • Send multiple SMS messages.