Two-factor authentication for Voyager II

v1.0.0 2021-12-07 11:22 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-07 16:05:34 UTC


This plugin for Voyager II uses pragmarx/google2fa-laravel for two-factor-authentication.


First, run composer require emptynick/voyager-2fa.
After that run php artisan 2fa:install.

This will:

  1. Publish pragmarx/google2fa-laravel config file
  2. Publish a migration to add a field named google2fa_secret to your users table
  3. Migrate

You can skip publishing the config file and migrating.
This is helpful when you want to modify the migration file.


By default, this plugin does not force you to use 2FA.
Whenever a 2FA code is assigned to a user, it will ask for it when logging-in.

Activating 2FA for your account

Open the top-right user dropdown and click Manage 2FA.
There you will see a QR code and an input box.
Scan the QR code with your phone or enter the code manually and enter the generated OTP into the input.
Click Enable and the code will be stored.
Now, whenever you log-in, you'll be asked for a one-time-password.


Disable 2FA

Clicking the Disable button will remove the OTP code from the database.
You are not required to enter an OTP when logging-in.
This requires the setting 2FA.allow_disabling to be on!

Renew 2FA code

When 2FA is active, you can simply renew the code. Proceed like described in Activating 2FA for your account and click on Renew instead of Enable!


This plugin publishes some settings.


When active, this setting will prevent the user to open any page before setting-up 2FA. Defaults to false.


Shows a warning whenever a page is opened and 2FA is not activated for the current user. Defaults to true.



Allow users to disable two-factor-auth. Defaults to true.