A Mongo transport for the Symfony Messenger component

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This bundle offers a new type of transport for the Symfony Messenger component. While MongoDB is not the best tool to be used as a queue, sometimes it's more convenient to use the tools that your application already uses. For example, if your application already uses MongoDB and you want a persistent storage for the failed messages, I think it's quite handy to use MongoDB as a storage.


The recommended way to install the bundle is through Composer:

$ composer require emag-tech-labs/messenger-mongo-bundle

Configuration & usage

Take a look here if you need to find out how to configure the driverOptions, uriOptions and dsn options.

                dsn: mongodb://
                    uriOptions: []
                    driverOptions: []
                    database: symfony # required
                    collection: hello_messages # default is "messenger_queue"
                    queue: hello_queue # default is "default"
                    redeliver_timeout: 4800 # default is 3600

The features described here can be used also, therefore the following commands are available in order to manually debug the failed messages:

# see all messages in the failure transport
$ bin/console messenger:failed:show

# see details about a specific failed message
$ php bin/console messenger:failed:show 20 -vv

# view and retry messages one-by-one
$ php bin/console messenger:failed:retry -vv

# retry specific messages
$ php bin/console messenger:failed:retry 20 30 --force

# remove a message without retrying it
$ bin/console messenger:failed:remove

Submitting bugs and feature requests

If you found a nasty bug or want to propose a new feature, you're welcome to open an issue or create a pull request here.