Integrate API Service into Symfony

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This bundle integrate the API Service Component into Symfony.


Open a command console, enter your project directory and execute the following command to download the latest stable version of this bundle:

composer require eleven-labs/api-service-bundle

Then, enable the bundle by adding the following line in the app/AppKernel.php file of your project:

// app/AppKernel.php
class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new ElevenLabs\ApiServiceBundle\ApiServiceBundle(),
        // ...


Full configuration provided by the bundle:

  # (optional)
    client: httplug.client
    message_factory: httplug.message_factory
    uri_factory: httplug.uri_factory
  # (optional) cache schema files
    # provide the Id of any PSR-6 cache service
    service: 'my_app.cache'
  # (optional) configure supported pagination providers
    # extract pagination from response headers
      page: X-Page
      perPage: X-Per-Page
      totalPages: X-Total-Pages
      totalItems: X-Total-Items
  # configure api services
      # the schema describing your api
      schema: 'file://%kernel.root_dir%/config/schema/foo.yml'
      # (optional) use a specific http client implementation
      client: httplug.client.foo
      # (optional) fine tune your api service
        # provide a base url
        baseUri: https://bar.com
        # validate request
        validateRequest: true
        # validate response
        validateResponse: false
        # return a psr-7 response
        # by default it return a `Resource` class
        returnResponse: false


HTTP client

The Api Service component make use of the Http\Client\HttpClient interface provided by HttPlug to send requests.

You can use your own HTTP client services within Symfony, but we strongly advice you to use the HttplugBundle

composer require php-http/httplug-bundle

You can then choose one the many HTTP client adapter supported by HTTPlug. A list is available here

# for example, here we choose the Guzzle 6 adapter
composer require php-http/guzzle6-adapter


This bundle have the ability to cache schema files used by you API services.
It use the PSR-6: Caching Interface to do so.

For performance reasons, the cache SHOULD be enable in production.

From Symfony 3.1 and above

Symfony 3.1 provide a cache implementation of the PSR-6 Caching Interface. You don't need additional components to integrate caching capabilities to the framework.

From Symfony 2.7 to 3.1

We recommend you to use the PSR-6 Cache adapter Bundle.

You can then choose one of the many cache pool implementations provided by the php-cache organization.