Provide simple widget management

0.4.1 2017-03-13 12:49 UTC


The ElendevWidgetBundle allow to add widgets (independent HTML code) into existing templates withouth dependencies.


The ElendevWidgetBundle is available through composer. You just have to add elendev/widget-bundle into your composer.json.


	enable_annotations:   true # false : disable annotation support
	scan_services:        true # false : don't check annotations on services
	scan_widget_directory:  true # false : don't scan Widget directory
	widget_directory:     'Widget' # name of the widget directory at bundle's root
		force: none              	# Force use of hinclude
									# none       : use widgets to load synchronous widget, widgets_async to load them asynchronously
									# enabled    : force widgets method to load asynchronously using hinclude
									# disabled   : force widgets_asynch method to load synchronously

Register a new widget

A widget is a service method returning simple HTML code. You only have to tag your service method with :

        - {name: elendev.widget, tag: your_tagname, method: method_name, priority: optional_integer_priority}

Annotations are also available, you can annotate any method of a service or of a class in widget_directory sub-directory.

namespace Acme\DemoBundle\Widget;
use Elendev\WidgetBundle\Annotation\Widget;

class MyTestWidget {
 	* @Widget(tag="main", priority=99)
	public function myYoupiWidget(){
		return "This is a simple widget";

The value of widget is by default the tag value. Widgets in widget_directory sub-directory are instanciated as services and support the ContainerAwareInterface interface (container is automatically injected).

Use Twig's extension widget method

To include widgets in a view you only have to call this method :

{{ widgets('your_tagname') }}

It's possible to use hinclude :

{{ widgets_async('your_tagname') }}

BE CAREFUL : only scalar parameters can be passed to widgets_async method. To enable hinclude, please refer to symfony's documentation : http://symfony.com/doc/current/book/templating.html#asynchronous-content-with-hinclude-js.

You can add multiple widgets emplacements in your project, specifieds by their tagname.

Some widget's emplacements can provide parameters. You can add as much parameters as you need to widgets call, they will be passed to the widget.

        class: Some/Class/MyWidgets
                - {name: elendev.widget, method: memberDatas, tag: member_profile}
{# Template twig #}
{{ widgets('member_profile', member) }}
//PHP code
class MyWidgets{
    public function memberDatas(Member $member){
        return 'some templates';