Provide simple image utilities for resizing

1.1.10 2017-03-13 12:53 UTC


Bundle configuration

    cache_dir: 'path_to_cache_directory'
	source_dir: 'path_to_image_dir'
	cache_url: 'url/to/cache/dir'

The cache_dir configuration key is the local path to the cache directory. It's the directory where the generated files will be stored (for example : /var/www/my-website/media/cache).

The source_dir configuration key is the local path to the directory containing the images (for example : /var/www/my-website/media/original-files).

The cache_url configuration key is the url to the cache directory. If the url http://www.my-website.com redirect to the local /var/www/my-website directory, the value of this configuration key would be http://www.my-website.com/media/cache.

Use Twig's extension image method

<img src="{{image('source')}}"/>

<img src="{{image('source').resize(200, 200)}}"/>

<img src="{{image('source').rotate(180).greyScale()}}"/>

The available methods are those of the Elendev\ElendevImageBundle\ImageProxy class :

interface ImageProxy {

    public function resize($width, $height, $keepRatio = true, $allowEnlarge = false);
     * @param type $degree
     * @param type $bgcolor background color for visible parts, by default black
    public function rotate($degree, $bgcolor = 0);
     * Do greyscale on picture
    public function greyScale();