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Example theme for Simplified Saaze

Here is another theme called Panorama for Simplified Saaze. The example content is from Ristorante Panorama.

Some key features:

  1. Is geared towards restaurants with menus
  2. Responsive with media-breaks for 1-column, 2-column, 3-column, and printer output
  3. RSS and sitemap
  4. Showcase for post-processing, if needed
  5. Hero image
  6. Background SVG image
  7. Animated images and galleries
  8. Lightweight and easy to use

Here is a screenshot:

Creating restaurant menus with post-processing. A restaurant obviously wants to show its menu. This is done as follows:

## 2. Kalte und warme Vorspeisen<a id=vorpeisen></a>

- Antipasti dela Casa ...... klein €9,50 - groß €12,50
	- mit gegrilltem Gemüse und Fisch
- Shrimps Cocktail `1,b,c,d,n` ...... € 9,50
	- mit Shrimps, Ananas
- Shrimps mit Olivenöl, Cocktailtomaten `1,b,c,n` ...... €12,50
	- mit Knoblauch & Schalotten
- Gebackener Schafskäse `1,b,c,d,n` ...... €10,50
	- mit Tomaten, Oliven und Peperoni

So data entry closely mirrors the output, which looks like this:

Home page / index. The index-page or landing page of this theme is somewhat special as it shows all blog posts, but singles out the newest one. This newest post is interesting as it might contain offers of the day, special announcements on opening hours or holidays, etc.

More on this theme can be found here: Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: Panorama

Simplified Saaze

Simplified Saaze is a fast, all-inclusive, flat-file CMS for simple websites and blogs.

Static site builders are fast but normally have a steep learning curve and require lots of tooling to make them work. We believe building a personal site should be stupidly simple. That's why Simplified Saaze is built on the following principles.

  • Easy to run - All you need is PHP8, a C compiler, and Composer
  • Easy to host - Serve dynamically or statically
  • Easy to edit - Edit content using simple Markdown files
  • Easy to theme - Templates use plain PHP/HTML
  • Fast and secure - No database = less moving parts + more speed
  • Simple to understand - Everything is a collection of entries

For more info and documentation for the original Saaze see https://saaze.dev. Read Simplified Saaze for installation and usage.


Simplified Saaze was created by Elmar Klausmeier.

Saaze was created by Gilbert Pellegrom from Dev7studios. Released under the MIT license.