Get some git info about your application

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A package to get git info from your application. You can use this to display application information about your app, which in turn is useful for generating bug reports or user feedback.

You can also use it as an indication to your users of your last update of your application.

This is what powers the version string on Violinist.io where you can get free, automated composer updates for life!


Install with composer:

composer require eiriksm/gitinfo


You use this based on your preferred method of output.

use eiriksm\GitInfo\GitInfo;
$info = new GitInfo();
$hash = $info->getShortHash(); // Example output: f09037f
$date = $info->getDate(); // Example output (last commit date): 2020-05-31 09:05:40
$version = $info->getVersion(); // Example output: 1.1.1-2-gf09037f, or if on a clean tag: 1.1.1
$app_version = $info->getApplicationVersionString(); // v.1.1.1-2-gf09037f.f09037f (2020-05-31 09:05:40)