Modified contenta CMS to support EditVR

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v1.512 2018-06-14 21:43 UTC


This is a modified version of Content CMS to customized to support EditVR.


Contenta is a content API and CMS based on Drupal 8. It provides a standard, jsonapi-based platform for building decoupled applications and websites.


composer create-project editvr/editvr-project editvr --stability dev --no-interaction

For documention on the development on contenta_jsonapi itself, see docs/development.

Code of conduct

Development Installation

`lando init -r drupal8` 
  • Set webroot to: web
  • Choose a name
`lando start`


This work is based upon a couple of contrib modules.

On top of that the thunder distrbution was used as sort of a base for this installation profile.

Contenta CMS is built by humans.