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Code Style Guidelines

Thunder code style guidelines are in agreement with Drupal code styles. For general validation of files is used Drupal Coder. More detailed validation of JavaScript code is made by ESLint with predefined Drupal settings.

Drupal Coder

In order that Drupal Coder works, following steps should be executed.

  1. Install Composer (* this step can be skipped if composer already exists on system)
  • Please follow guide on official page
  1. Install Drupal/Coder in global Composer directory

Usage from command line:

# check Code for Drupal coding standards
phpcs --standard=Drupal --extensions=php,module,inc,install,test,profile,theme '--ignore=*.md' -p <project root directory>

# autocorrect code for Drupal coding standards
phpcbf --standard=Drupal --extensions=php,module,inc,install,test,profile,theme '--ignore=*.md' <project root directory>

Additionally both commands can be used with option --standard=DrupalPractice for checking defined Drupal best practices.


In order that ESLint works, following steps should be executed

  1. Install Node.js (* this step can be skipped if Node.js already exists on system)
  • Official guide from Node.js page should be followed
  1. Install ESLint
npm install -g eslint

Usage from command line:

eslint <project root directory>

Thunder Guidelines Checker

This script is provided by Thunder Development Tools. It's wrapper for phpcs and eslint tools.

To initialize project with requirements execute:

vendor/bin/check-guidelines.sh --init

Please take in consideration that vendor/bin path could be customized in your root composer.json file.

Then some basic options for checking of code style guidelines can be used:

-cs, --phpcs            use PHP Code Sniffer with Drupal code style standard
-js, --javascript       use ESLint with usage of project defined code standard
-ac, --auto-correct     apply auto formatting with validation of code styles

For example to check and correct php and javascript files with auto correction:

vendor/bin/check-guidelines.sh --phpcs --javascript --auto-correct

Integrate Code Style checking in PHPStorm

Drupal Coder

  1. In PHPStorm preferences search for: Code Sniff
  2. Select option Languages & Frameworks | PHP | Code Sniffer
  3. Open configuration dialog by pressing edit button [...]
  4. In Configuration dialog add new configuration or edit existing Local. Set correct path for phpcs by pressing edit button [...]. Path should be: <composer home directory>/vendor/bin/phpcs and save that settings for Code Sniffer
  5. To configure usage of PHP Code Sniffer select Editor | Inspections
  6. Option PHP Code Sniffer validation should already be filtered by Search. Enable that option.
  7. And for that validation procedure change Coding standard option to Drupal. (* sometimes PHPStorm doesn't recognize that coding standard has been changed if Drupal is preselected. It's sufficient just to select other coding standard and then put back to Drupal)

After these settings are saved in PHPStorm warnings with prefix phpcs: will be displayed in editor.


  1. In PHPStorm preferences search for: ESLint
  2. Select option Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Code Quality Tools | ESLint
  3. Enable it

Default settings can be preserved. ESLint will automatically search for installed eslint command and also coding style configuration files from project will be used.

Git Hooks

Git Pre Commit Hook

To check is code valid before commit, git pre commit hook can be used with execution of thunder guideline checker script. Create script file .git/hooks/pre-commit in your project folder, with following content:

vendor/bin/check-guidelines.sh --phpcs --javascript

Make sure that the file is executable. That will automatically validate files before commit and display possible problems and additionally commit will not be executed unless everything is correct and valid.