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OpenEuropa project template.

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Abandoned. Check the OpenEuropa project for more information.

OpenEuropa project template

Build Status


After installing Composer run:

composer install

Then copy relevant properties from runner.yml.dist to runner.yml and change their values according to your local setup.

To install the project from scratch run:

$ ./vendor/bin/runner drupal:site-install

Your Drupal project will be then installed in the ./build directory.

For more information about how to work with build configuration check out the OpenEuropa Task Runner project.

Install from existing configuration

To install the project from existing configuration run:

$ ./vendor/bin/run drupal:site-install-config

Add external dependencies

Add external dependencies, like contributed modules, PHP libraries, etc., using composer require:

composer require drupal/devel:~1.0

Add custom projects

Custom project, like modules or themes, must be placed under ./custom/{modules,themes} and each of them must have a local composer.json file like the one below:

  "name": "my_project/my_module",
  "description": "My module description.",
  "type": "drupal-module"

After that add them to composer.json like shown below and run composer update:

"require": {
  "my_project/my_module": "*"

This will symlink your custom projects to destinations specified in the installer-paths section.

Run tests

To setup Behat tests run:

$ ./vendor/bin/run drupal:setup-behat

Then simply run:

$ ./vendor/bin/behat

Apply patches

If you need to apply patches you can do so with the composer-patches plugin.

To patch a Drupal projects insert the patches section in the extra section of composer.json:

"extra": {
  "patches": {
    "drupal/foobar": {
      "Patch description": "URL to patch"