Business rule provider lib for plugin implementations

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This is the repository for business rules as of implemented by merchant sites for use in e-commerce platform plugins. The objective is to be a central repository for services and to communicate with the EBANX API (also known as "Pay").

Getting Started

It is very simple to use Benjamin. You will only need an instance of Ebanx\Benjamin\Models\Configs\Config and an instance of Ebanx\Benjamin\Models\Payment:

$config = new Config([
    'integrationKey' => 'YOUR_INTEGRATION_KEY',
    'sandboxIntegrationKey' => 'YOUR_SANDBOX_INTEGRATION_KEY'

$payment = new Payment([
    //Payment properties(see wiki)

$result = EBANX($config)->create($payment);

If you want more information you can check the Wiki.


Check the Wiki.


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