NewRelic Tools for PHP

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v2.0.0 2017-03-21 21:49 UTC

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New Relic Transaction Library

Use this library to report background jobs or long running scripts to New Relic APM.



namespace Consumers;

class Email
    public function sendEmail($recipient, $body, $header)
        //Send email

    public function beforePerform()
        //Before Hook

    public function perform()
        //Perform a job

    public function afterPerform()
        //After Hook

namespace Foo\Bar;

use EasyTaxi\NewRelic;
use Consumers;

$consumer = new Consumers\Email();

while (true) {
    $transactionConfig = new NewRelic\Config\TransactionConfig();
    $transactionConfig->applicationName = 'Background Jobs';
    $transactionConfig->transactionName = 'consumer::sendEmail';
    $consumerMonitored = new NewRelic\Transaction($consumer, $transactionConfig);
    $consumerMonitored->sendEmail('Spock', 'James', 'Tiberius');

    $transactionConfig->monitoredMethodName = 'perform';

You MUST have an agent configured and running on the server

Configuration options

Use TransactionConfig class to personalize your job.

  • You can use transactionName field to specify the name of each transactions

    Defaults to index.php if not specified

  • You can use applicationName field to specify the name your application

    Defaults to PHP Application if not specified

  • You can use monitoredMethodName field to specify only one method to be monitored

    If not defined every call to a method will be considered one transaction

New Relic Insights Library

Use this library to easily post custom events to New Relic Insights.


use EasyTaxi\NewRelic;
use GuzzleHttp\Client;

$client = new Client([
    #You need to change it to your account number
    'base_uri' => 'https://insights-collector.newrelic.com/v1/accounts/99999/'
$this->newRelicInsights = new NewRelic\Insights($client, 'YOUR_KEY_HERE');

$events = new NewRelic\Entity\Insights\EventCollection();

$event = new NewRelic\Entity\Insights\Event();
$event->eventType = "Purchase";
$event->account = 3;
$event->amount = 259.54;

$event2 = new NewRelic\Entity\Insights\Event();
$event2->eventType = "Purchase";
$event2->account = 4;

$promise = $this->newRelicInsights->sendEvent($events);

You can find your key at Insights https://insights.newrelic.com/accounts/99999/manage/add_data


  • Your base_uri MUST end with trailing slash /
  • You MUST replace 99999 with your account number


The recommended way to install is through Composer.

# Install Composer
curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Next, run the Composer command to install the latest stable version:

composer.phar require easytaxibr/newrelic