Allows you to make your Laravel queued jobs terminable.

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Terminable jobs is a small package that allows you to halt execution of queued Laravel jobs.

Usage example

Lets say you have a queued jobs as follows:

class PromotionalCampaign implements ShouldQueue
    use InteractsWithQueue, Queuable;

    public function __construct()
        // ...

    public function handle()
        // ...

Suppose that after queueing up thousands of jobs to email your promotional campaign to your users, you discover a typo or missing link to the promotion itself.

You may want to queue:flush, but if your jobs are on a shared queue, you would be flushing all jobs on that queue, even if they're not the ones intended, which may lead to lost processing.

Enter Terminable Jobs.

+ use Dyrynda\TerminableJobs\Terminable;

class PromotionalCampaign implements ShouldQueue
-    use InteractsWithQueue, Queuable;
+    use InteractsWithQueue, Terminable, Queuable;

     public function handle()
+        $this->handleTermination();
         // ...
+    protected function shouldTerminate(): bool
+    {
+        // Logic to determine if job should be terminated
+    }

In the event that shouldTerminate() returns true, the handleTermination() method will delete the job from your queue and throw a JobWasTerminated exception, which will stop the job from being processed.

In it's simplest form, you could simply define a config variable in your application - controlled via the .env file - to toggle this on and off.

// config/jobs.php
return [
    'promotional-campaign' => env('PROMOTIONAL_CAMPAIGN_ENABLED', true),

With this in place, you can update your shouldTerminate() method:

     protected function shouldTerminate(): bool
+        return config('jobs.promotional-campaign') === false;

This means that if you needed to halt the processing of your PromotionalCampaign job, you would then update the PROMOTIONAL_CAMPAIGN_ENABLED environment variable to false and restart your queue workers. Any pending jobs would then terminate early, throwing the JobWasTerminated exception.

To avoid extraneous reporting of exceptions to your log or bug tracking software, you may wish to add the JobWasTerminated class to your list of ignored exceptions:

// app/Exceptions/Handler.php
use Illuminate\Foundation\Exceptions\Handler as ExceptionHandler;
+ use Dyrynda\TerminableJobs\Exceptions\JobWasTerminated;

class Handler extends ExceptionHandler
     protected $dontReport = [
+        JobWasTerminated::class,


composer require dyrynda/terminal-jobs

Once installed, you may use the Terminable trait in your job classes and implement the shouldTerminate(): bool method on your job class.


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If you're using this package, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


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