An Artisan console command to create users in your Laravel application.

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Out of the box, Laravel makes it really simple to scaffold out with its authentication quickstart. Whilst this makes it really easy to register and authenticate users, for many of the applications I find myself building, we usually remove the ability for visitors to register themselves.

I still need a way to get users into those applications, however, and whilst they're in early development this usually involves firing up Laravel Tinker. This can be a tedious process, and one that I repeat many times over.

This package aims to solve the repetition problem by providing a convenient make:user Artisan command.

Version compatibility

Laravel Package
5.4.* 1.0.*
5.5.* 2.0.*
5.6.* 3.0.*
5.7.* 4.0.*
5.8.* 5.0.*
6.x 6.0.*
7.x 7.0.*
8.x 7.1.*
9.x 7.4.*

Code Samples

This package exposes a make:user command, which is accessed via the Artisan command line utility. The package will use the model defined in your auth.providers.users.model configuration value.

php artisan make:user

This package runs on the assumption that you are using Laravel's default users table structure. You can specify additional fields when prompted.


This package is installed via Composer. To install, run the following command.

composer require dyrynda/laravel-make-user


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If you're using this package, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


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