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A kind of CMS for developers who hate CMS






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This package is still maintained, but Sharp 4, a whole new version of it with a new perspective for Laravel 5.4+ is available here: code16/sharp


A Laravel CMS for developers who hate CMS

Sharp is a Laravel CMS package which intent to greatly simplify data management of a website without implicating a special data storage or organization, being as much as possible data-agnostic.

Well, I think I can try to be clearer: in many of my web projects there's a lot of business data to manage, and my clients need some tool to handle those texts, images, lists, links and other stuff. I can either develop each time a dedicated admin panel (hmm... no), or integrate a full CMS, in which case I often have to adapt my data storage technology and database schema to the CMS tool (or sometimes worse, the tool manages itself my data structure). Sharp is an decent attempt to keep the CMS cool part (data inputs including uploads, lists, ..., validation, auth, ...) without the crap (Sharp doesn't know about my database nor about the way I want to organize my code).

Note: this documentation is written as a tutorial: it's best to read it from the beginning to the end, because we are going to follow a small example. But if you are an adventurer, no problem: I think each part is readable alone also.

And another note: as you can probably guess, english is not my first language. Well, you'll have to deal with it.


  • Through composer, add "dvlpp/sharp": "~1.0" in your require section, and run composer update.
  • Next add 'Dvlpp\Sharp\SharpServiceProvider' in your app.php providers section.
  • Once installed, run those two commands:
    • php artisan config:publish dvlpp/sharp to publish the two necessary config file in config/packages/dvlpp/sharp;
    • php artisan asset:publish dvlpp/sharp to publish JS and CSS files used by Sharp, in public/packages/dvlpp/sharp.

OK, you're good to go. One final note: after an composer update, always re-run the asset publish command to be sure to have the last files (but DO NOT re-run the config:publish command, which will erase your existing Sharp config).

Full documentation

Here's the doc index.

Quick overview in screenshots

Sharp provides a simple way to handle entities lists with ordering, pagination, search, state indicator, column data rendering and more

Entities lists can easily be re-arrange

Sharp generated forms can include file uploads, dynamic lists and many more other field types

Form Validation is mostly automatic and easy