A simple database abstraction layer, with an on disk caching facility

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A simple database abstraction layer for PHP, with an on disk caching facility

Full documentation is available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/sql/
PHPDoc API documentation is also available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/sql/api/

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The recommended method of installing this library is via Composer.

Run the following command from your project root:

$ composer require duncan3dc/sql

Getting Started

use duncan3dc\Sql\Sql;
use duncan3dc\Sql\Drivers\Mysql\Server;

require __DIR__ . "/vendor/autoload.php";

$sql = new Sql(new Server($hostname, $username, $password));

$row = $sql->select("table", [
    "field1"    =>  "value1",

Read more at http://duncan3dc.github.io/sql/


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