YAROC: Yet Another Random.Org Client.

2.2.0 2021-04-07 20:06 UTC


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Yet Another Random.Org Client.

YAROC fully supports V1 and V2 API.

Most of the classes of this library are stateless and immutable.



composer require drupol/yaroc

YAROC needs an HTTP client in order to work, do

composer require symfony/http-client

or provide one.


First request an API Key or use the temporary key.

The temporary API key used in the examples will be disabled when the beta ends.

You can call any API methods described in the documentation from Random.org.

Currently support all the Random.org API method calls in the basic and signed APIs.



require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use drupol\Yaroc\Plugin\Provider;
use drupol\Yaroc\RandomOrgAPI;

$generateIntegers = (new Provider())->withResource('generateIntegers')
    ->withParameters(['n' => 10, 'min' => 0, 'max' => 100]);

$result = (new RandomOrgAPI())


$provider = (new Provider())->withResource('generateStrings')
        'n' => 10,
        'length' => 15,
        'characters' => implode(array_merge(range('A', 'Z'), range('a', 'z'), range(0, 9))),

$result = (new RandomOrgAPI(null, ['apiKey' => '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000']))->getData($provider);


Providing the API key can be accomplished using an environment variable RANDOM_ORG_APIKEY or by using the method proper parameters in the RandomOrgAPI constructor, or by using (new RandomOrgAPI())->withApiKey(string $apiKey).

Third party libraries integration

ircmaxell/RandomLib integration

YAROC provides a Source for ircmaxell/RandomLib.


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use drupol\Yaroc\RandomOrgAPI;
use drupol\Yaroc\Plugin\RandomLib\Source\RandomOrg;

$randomOrgApi = new RandomOrgAPI();

$randomLib = new RandomLib\Factory();
$generator = $randomLib->getGenerator(new SecurityLib\Strength(SecurityLib\Strength::HIGH))
  ->addSource(new RandomOrg($randomOrgApi));
$randomString = $generator->generateString(10);

echo $randomString;

rchouinard/rych-random integration

YAROC provides a Generator for rchouinard/rych-random.


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use drupol\Yaroc\RandomOrgAPI;
use drupol\Yaroc\Plugin\RychRandom\Generator\RandomOrg;

$randomOrgApi = new RandomOrgAPI();

$rychRandom = new Rych\Random\Random(new RandomOrg($randomOrgApi));
$randomString = $rychRandom->getRandomString(8);

echo $randomString;


I discovered the Random.Org the 22 November 2016, by chance and I found the idea amazing.

I had the idea to build a library that would be following the best development practice and up to date.

Feel free to contact me at: pol.dellaiera@protonmail.com

Code quality, tests and benchmarks

To run the tests, run this command:

RANDOM_ORG_APIKEY=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx composer grumphp

Every time changes are introduced into the library, Travis CI run the tests and the benchmarks.

The library has tests written with PHPSpec. Feel free to check them out in the spec directory. Run composer phpspec to trigger the tests.

Before each commit some inspections are executed with GrumPHP, run ./vendor/bin/grumphp run to check manually.

PHPInfection is used to ensure that your code is properly tested, run composer infection to test your code.


Feel free to contribute by sending Github pull requests. I'm quite reactive :-)

If you can't contribute to the code, you can also sponsor me on Github or Paypal.


See CHANGELOG.md for a changelog based on git commits.