Writes out version information to the .info.yml files for Drupal projects.

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2.0.0-rc1 2021-05-20 18:45 UTC

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A composer plugin for rewriting Drupal .info/.info.yml files to include version information that Drupal requires.

This is only required when downloading projects that aren't full releases (for instance, dev versions).

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composer require drupal-composer/info-rewrite:~1.0


By default, this plugin only acts on packages of type drupal-core, drupal-module, drupal-profile, and drupal-theme (see DrupalInfo::$packageTypes). You can add additional package types in your composer.json file. Add to the config array an entry with key drupal-info-rewrite--additional-packageTypes and make its value be an array of strings which are the additional types you would like to add.