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U-On Travel API Client (unofficial)

A simple client that allows to work with API of U-On Travel company.

composer require drteam/uon

This library is ready for production usage, all source codes provided "as is".

How to use

Basic example

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Main object for work with API
$uon = new \Uon\Client(['token' => 'some_token']);

// Some examples
$users    = $uon->users->all();        // Get a list of all users
$user     = $uon->users->get(1);       // Get user by unique id
$request  = $uon->requests->get(1);    // Get request by unique ID
$managers = $uon->managers->all();     // Get list of managers

See other examples of usage here separated by class names.

All available methods of all classes with descriptions you can find here.

How to configure the client

// Enable config class
use \Uon\Config;

// Class with configuration options
$config = new Config();
    ->set('token', 'some_token')
    ->set('timeout', 10);

// Or like this
$config = new Config([
    'token'   => 'some_token',
    'timeout' => 10

Object of Config should be added as parameter of client:

use \Uon\Config;
use \Uon\Client;

$config = new Config([
    'token'   => 'some_token',
    'timeout' => 10

$client = new Client($config);

But you also can use array of parameters:

use \Uon\Client;

$client = new Client([
    'token'   => 'some_token',
    'timeout' => 10

If you want to create Client object with default parameters:

use \Uon\Client;

$client = new Client(['token' => 'some_token']);

Available parameters of configuration

Parameter Type Default Description
token string Token for work with system
timeout int 1 Timeout which client must wait answer from server
allow_redirects bool true Allow redirection from one url to another
http_errors bool false Enable http errors instead Exceptions
decode_content bool true If you need decode content by server
verify bool true Content verification
cookies int 10 Use cookies
tries int 10 Count of tries if server answer 429 error code
seconds int 1 Time which need wait between tries
$config = new \Uon\Config([
    'token'   => 'some_token',
    'timeout' => 100,
    'tries'   => 20,
    'seconds' => 2

About the page

Some GET methods have a $page parameter (with default state 1), and you can get only 100 items for one time it $page parameter is exist.

List of endpoints which have a $page parameter.

  • /catalog-service/
  • /cities/
  • /hotels/
  • /leads/$date_from/$date_to/
  • /leads/$date_from/$date_to/$id_sources/
  • /lead-by-client/$id_lead/
  • /payment/list/
  • /request-action/
  • /requests/updated/
  • /suppliers/
  • /users/
  • /user/updated/

These (I mean $page) parameter was added by API developers to reduce the load on the server. So, do not worry if you see only 100 items in result messages you just need write loop to get all items from API, like this:

$results = [];

while (true) { // yeah, I know it's bad, better to use recursion
    $response  = $uon->requests->get($i);
    $results[] = $response;

    // Exit from loop if less than 100 items in answer from server
    if (count($response->message) < 100) {

How to get API token

You need login into your account, then go to the Settings > API and WebHooks page and copy token code from API block.

How to help to project

If you have a desire, you can help with testing and bugs hunting or make some donation.

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