Generates XML sitemaps for your favourite search engine by extracting sitemap information out of the site's routes.

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This bundle generates XML sitemaps for your favourite search engine by extracting sitemap information out of your application's routes. Additionally, you can create your own generators to provide URLs. The sitemap(s) generated follow the sitemap protocol.


  1. Install with composer:

     composer require dpn/xml-sitemap-bundle
  2. Enable the bundle in the kernel:

    // app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new Dpn\XmlSitemapBundle\DpnXmlSitemapBundle(),
  3. Register the routing in app/config/routing.yml (this step is optional if using the console command to pre-generate the sitemaps)

        resource: "@DpnXmlSitemapBundle/Resources/config/routing.xml"


Exposing Routes

To expose a route to the sitemap add the option sitemap to your route definition:

    path:      /blog
    defaults:  { _controller: AppBundle:Blog:index }
        sitemap: true

This will expose this route to your sitemap using the default options from your config. To control the options for this sitemap entry, add them to the sitemap option:

    path:      /blog
    defaults:  { _controller: AppBundle:Blog:index }
                priority: 0.7
                changefreq: hourly

NOTE: Only routes without parameters may be exposed in this way. For routes with parameters, you must create a custom generator (see below).

Custom Generator

For more complex routes that have parameters, you must create a custom generator.

  1. Create a generator class that implements Dpn\XmlSitemapBundle\Sitemap\GeneratorInterface. This class must have a generate() method that returns an array of Dpn\XmlSitemapBundle\Sitemap\Entry objects.

    use Dpn\XmlSitemapBundle\Sitemap\Entry;
    use Dpn\XmlSitemapBundle\Sitemap\GeneratorInterface;
    class MySitemapGenerator implements GeneratorInterface
        public function generate()
            $entries = array();
            $entries[] = new Entry('http://example.com/foobar'); // must be absolute URL
            // add more entries - perhaps fetched from database
            return $entries;
  2. Add this class as a service tagged with dpn_xml_sitemap.generator:

            class: MySitemapGenerator
                - { name: dpn_xml_sitemap.generator }

Sitemap Index

According to sitemaps.org the maximum number of entries a sitemap.xml may have is 50,000. When the number of sitemap entries exceeds this, the entries are split across multiple sitemaps (ie /sitemap1.xml,/sitemap2.xml.../sitemapN.xml).

A sitemap index is accessible at /sitemap_index.xml.

The maximum entries per sitemap is configurable:

    max_per_sitemap: 50000 #default

HTTP Caching

You can enable http caching for the sitemap(n).xml/sitemap_index.xml URI's by setting the number of seconds in your config:

    http_cache: 3600

Console Dump Command

The dpn:xml-sitemap:dump command is available to pre-generate sitemap.xml files:

 dpn:xml-sitemap:dump [--target="..."] host

 host      The full hostname for your website (ie http://www.google.com)

 --target  Override the target directory to dump sitemap(s) in

 Dumps your sitemap(s) to the filesystem (defaults to web/)

NOTE: The command requires Symfony 2.4+.

Full Default Configuration

The following is the default configuration for this bundle:


    # The length of time (in seconds) to cache the sitemap/sitemap_index xml\'s (a reverse proxy is required)
    http_cache:      ~

    # The number of url entries in a single sitemap
    max_per_sitemap: 50000

    # The default options for sitemap URL entries to be used if not overridden

        # Value between 0.0 and 1.0 or null for sitemap protocol default
        priority:   ~

        # One of [always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never] or null for sitemap protocol default
        changefreq: ~


See Resources/meta/LICENSE.