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Sane mocking library

dev-master 2021-05-18 16:28 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-18 17:44:00 UTC


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A Simple, Sane, Mock Builder for PHPUnit

Currently in a very early stage of development.



Install the latest version with:

composer require 'donatj/mock-duck'


Class: \donatj\MockDuck\Exceptions\MockBuilderRuntimeException

Exception thrown as a general runtime exception for the MockBuilder

Class: \donatj\MockDuck\Exceptions\MockMethodNotFoundException

Exception thrown by a method mock on invoke when it does not match the spec and wishes to indicate the parent should continue

Class: \donatj\MockDuck\InvokableMethodInterface

Class: \donatj\MockDuck\MethodCallFallthrough

Executes given invokables until one is successful

Undocumented Method: MethodCallFallthrough->__construct(callable ...$invokables)

Undocumented Method: MethodCallFallthrough->__invoke($args)

Class: \donatj\MockDuck\MethodCallOrdered

Allows setting method invocations on subsequent calls

This is one of the only parts of MockDuck that is not functionally pure and thus should be handled with special care

Undocumented Method: MethodCallOrdered->__construct(callable ...$invokables)

Undocumented Method: MethodCallOrdered->__invoke($args)

Class: \donatj\MockDuck\MethodCallParameterMatcher

Matches a given set of method parameters to a method invoker

Undocumented Method: MethodCallParameterMatcher->withEquality([ $equality = true])

Method: MethodCallParameterMatcher->withMethodParameterMatch

function withMethodParameterMatch(callable $invokable, $args) : self
  • callable $invokable - The method invokable
  • mixed $args - The arguments to match against. Accepts and matches against PHPUnit constraints
  • $this

Undocumented Method: MethodCallParameterMatcher->__invoke($args)

Class: \donatj\MockDuck\MethodCallReturns

Method: MethodCallReturns->__construct

function __construct($value)
  • mixed $value - The value to return

Undocumented Method: MethodCallReturns->__invoke($args)

Class: \donatj\MockDuck\MockBuilder

Method: MockBuilder->__construct

function __construct(string $className [, ?\PHPUnit\Framework\Assert $asserter = null])

MockBuilder constructor.

Undocumented Method: MockBuilder->withMethodsExcluded(string ...$methods)

Method: MockBuilder->withDisabledConstructor

function withDisabledConstructor(bool $disable) : self

Enable or disable the original constructor

  • $this

Method: MockBuilder->withMockMethod

function withMockMethod(string $method, callable $invokable) : self
  • $this

Method: MockBuilder->buildMockClass

function buildMockClass() : string

Build the requested mock to the given spec

  • string - The fully qualified class name of the new mock object

Method: MockBuilder->buildMock

function buildMock($constructorArgs) : object

Build the requested mock to the given spec and instantiate it

  • mixed $constructorArgs - The arguments to pass to the constructor
  • object - The instance of the Mock