Simple leightweight PHP Role Based Access Control library

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Simple leightweight PHP Role Based Access Control library

How does this library work?

I have tried to keep things simple. The main idea was to let the user implement an interface which provides the user and his permissions. The permissions are assigned to roles and roles are assigned to users.

The library provides a simple way to verify permissions without re-inventing the wheel.

The library is also available on Packagist:

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  • 1.3.0 supporting owners:


You can install the package via composer:

composer require doganoo/simple-rbac


There are two main interfaces you have to implement:

* doganoo\SimpleRBAC\Common\IUser
* doganoo\SimpleRBAC\Common\IDataProvider

The first interface represents the user to whom permissions are granted or denied. The second interface holds all necessary information, such as the user, a single permission and default permissions.

IDataProvider can be used to connect to a data source (database, files, HTTP, etc.) in order to set up.

The doganoo\SimpleRBAC\Handler\PermissionHandler class uses the interfaces above to determine whether an action is permitted or not.

doganoo\SimpleRBAC\Common\IPermission and doganoo\SimpleRBAC\Common\IRole interfaces represent a single permission and a user's role.


Feel free to send a pull request to add more algorithms and data structures.


Doğan Uçar (@doganoo)