A Laravel Nova tool for the pre-launch and launch phases of your website.

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nova-launch is a Laravel Nova tool for the pre-launch and launch phases of your website. It redirects visitors, allows bypasses and launches your website whenever you say the word.

ℹ️ Introduction

I was working on a project with a friend when I took on the task of implementing functionality for disabling the website for visitors, while still allowing admins to access it. Furthermore, the site had to be launchable from within Nova.

Well, I created that functionality and kept refining it until I thought: maybe I should extract this from the project and wrap it in its own package?

So, I give you: nova-launch. It does the following:

  • Disable the website for visitors by redirecting them to a single page (which is completely configurable by the developer). By default this page shows some basic information and a sign up form (table, model and store functionality are also included by default, because to me this seemed to be the most interesting functionality).
  • Allow admins or people that know the secret (if enabled) full access to the website.
  • Launch the website via Nova or the php artisan nova-launch:launch command.
  • Dispatch an event after launch, because you might want to do more after that!
  • Completely disable itself after launch to lower the impact from multiple checks on each request.

This is my very first package, so suggestions and tips for me to improve this or future packages are welcome!

🖥 Requirements

What Version
PHP >=7.2
Laravel >=6.0
Nova >=2.0

🚀 Installation

  1. Install the package via Composer:

    composer require dnwjn/nova-launch

    The service provider will automatically be registered.

  2. Publish the resources:

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Dnwjn\NovaLaunch\NovaLaunchServiceProvider" --tag="minimal"

    The minimal tag only publishes the elements required by the package to work. See the table below for an overview of what can be published.

  3. Run the migrations:

    php artisan migrate
  4. Edit the configuration file config/nova-launch.php to your likings. The most important parts here are:

    1. the routes configuration;
    2. the models.user configuration.

📢 Publishing

The following tags can be used during publishing. This is done in the same way as in step 1 of the installation process:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Dnwjn\NovaLaunch\NovaLaunchServiceProvider" --tag="<tag>"
Tag Publishes
minimal config file and public files
public public files
translations translations (for visitor view)
styles stylesheets (for visitor view)
views views (for visitor view)

🛠 Testing

You can run tests with the following command:

composer run test

Note: tests are now very basic but more will be added in the future.

🔄 Changelog

Please see CHANGELOG.md for information on what has changed.

📜 License

This package uses the MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE.md for more information.