SlimTurbo is an add on to Slim to enable full route caching

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Slim Turbo

Slim Turbo is an extension to Slim Framework that allows you to cache the Route names and Routes directly in a compiled Dependency Injection container.

It's recommended to use Slim without this package, for DI containers that do not compile.


It's recommended to use Composer to install Slim Turbo.

$ composer require dlundgren/slim-turbo

This will install Slim Turbo and all required dependencies. Like Slim, Slim Turbo requires PHP 7.1.


Create a class that extends Slim\Turbo\Provider\RouteProvider and implement the register() method. Routes are defined similarly to using Slim\App and it's recommended to use class names, service names, or strings when adding middleware and route callables. These will be loaded from the Container as needed.

NOTE Closures may be used with SlimTurbo, but it's recommended to only use them while in development. It is undefined behavior (from SlimTurbo's perspective) to use Closures in production.

Domain Routing

Domain based routing is available by using Router::domain($domain, $callable). This operates in a similar manner to how Router::group($pattern, $callable) works.

There are a few options that you can provide to the DomainResolver when setting it up.

option default description
useSubdomainOnly true strip off the domain portion
ignoreHosts [] List of hosts that should not be added to the route

Using subdomain only

This currently implements a very basic count of . and drops the parts near the last dot.


api.example.com > api
api.service.example.com > api.service

Caching Routing information

In order to cache the route information that is generated you MUST set a routing.cache key in your DI container to a SimpleCache implementation.

Service Provider Initialization

Slim Turbo provides service providers for the following Dependency Injection containers:


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover security related issues, please email dlundgren@syberisle.net instead of using the issue tracker.


Slim Turbo is licensed under the MIT license. See License File for more information.