Set database and/or table prefix.

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In some cases, we need to install a web application on shared hosts. On shared hosts, database names usually have a prefix, like cPanel, for example. Eg: etc_dbname.

So, I make this package. I hope this help u.

Basic Usage

// $connectionOptions and $config set earlier
/** @var $connectionOptions */
/** @var array $config */

$evm = new \Doctrine\Common\EventManager;

// Database Prefix
$database_prefix = new \DoctrinePrefixes\DatabasePrefix('db_');
$evm->addEventListener(\Doctrine\ORM\Events::loadClassMetadata, $database_prefix);

// Table Prefix
$table_prefix = new \DoctrinePrefixes\TablePrefix('prefix_');
$evm->addEventListener(\Doctrine\ORM\Events::loadClassMetadata, $table_prefix);

$em = \Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager::create($connectionOptions, $config, $evm);